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The no. 44579 Act of 19th of September 1962 made prostitution illegal in Portugal, on January 1st, 1963.
Under the aforementioned Law, the houses that predominated in the largest cities of the country were closed down, whose activity was confined to the practice of prostitution. With the outlawing of sex work, female workers – male prostitution was never recognized – were forced to embark on disorganized routes to the provision of sex-related services.
As a result of the disastrous consequences of the abolitionist prostitution Law, which was partially altered in 1983, individual prostitution was allowed but its exploitation, forbidden.
It was ComuniDaria’s purpose to move forward with the number of female sex workers in Portugal, however, and because it’s an ambiguously illegal activity, there’s no official entity that, in a systematic way, that can register these professionals with Social Security and the Tax and Customs Authority.
The grounds on which this petition is based are immense; however, we merely emphasize those which we consider being the most substantive and which has motivated our taking a stand:
We highlight the social deprivation to which all persons who work in the prostitution area are subject; Also, there is the stigmatization of sex workers, in the social sphere, whose stigma creates strong barriers in several aspects, namely access to citizenship; The access to citizenship becomes practically unworkable whenever the processes involve migrant people; Still focusing the rights derived from citizenship, we report not only to the female sex workers themselves from foreign countries but also to their descendants who, by forming households, should have full access to education, housing, health, access to all public services, after all; As well known, the practice of prostitution under the current conditions is a serious public health issue; Simultaneously, and in the same health context, there are the users of prostitution services; the prophylaxis campaigns that have been developed for decades haven’t shown the desired results, and therefore are incapable of breaking a millenarian culture that has been imbued with the Portuguese men spirit;The National Health Service is the only guarantor to assist women and men infected with sexually transmitted diseases, but since the NHS is supported by the public purse, it’s easy to conclude that the costs of regular medical care for sex workers – similar to what happened until the 1960s – would be substantially lower than those given to people with sexually transmitted diseases; Considering the fragility presented by the outlines of prostitution, in the light of the Labor Code updated by 120/2015 Law of September 1st of 2015, we propose the prostitution practice should be confined exclusively to professionals and users of the same age or more than eighteen (18) years old; Before we finish, we must remember the absolutely perfidious behavior of the agents who find in the trafficking of women and consequent pimping, the comfort of the magnificent lives achieved in the deregulated world of prostitution;
In view of the foregoing and many other points not mentioned here, but also validated by the sensitivity of the subject under consideration, ComuniDaria Association very respectfully requests to the most dignified representatives of the country to make the most rapid assessment and the consequent Legalization of Prostitution in Portugal.
ComuniDaria Association welcomes the special attention to be given to this exhibition addressed to the distinguished representatives of the Portuguese Republic.
U.S. Department of State.
Portugal is a source, transit, and destination country for men, women, and children subjected to forced labor and sex trafficking. Trafficking victims identified in Portugal are primarily from Africa and Eastern Europe, and—to a lesser extent—Latin America and Asia. Foreign victims of forced labor are exploited in agriculture and domestic service. Foreign women and children, mostly from Africa and Eastern Europe, are subjected to sex trafficking in Portugal. Portuguese women and children are exploited in sex trafficking within the country. Portuguese victims, primarily men, are subjected to forced labor in restaurants, agriculture, and domestic work in Portugal and Spain. Portuguese victims have also been subjected to forced labor and sex trafficking in other countries, mostly in Europe. Children from Eastern Europe, including those of Roma descent, are subjected to forced begging and forced criminal activity in Portugal, often by their families. Authorities report traffickers bring women and children, many from African countries, to Portugal and claim asylum before bringing victims to other European countries to be exploited in trafficking.
The Government of Portugal fully complies with the minimum standards for the elimination of trafficking. Government-provided data demonstrated increased accountability for labor and sex traffickers. The government funded three NGO-operated shelters and multidisciplinary teams to assist victims. While authorities have increased efforts to identify labor trafficking victims and hold labor traffickers accountable, the government identified few sex trafficking victims in 2014. Cases of third-party prostitution of Portuguese children were not always treated as child sex trafficking. Authorities identified a decreased number of potential and confirmed trafficking victims compared with the previous year.

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