Girls losing there virginity

Girls losing there virginity
Just go to Costa Rica. Is safe, cleaner, most people are middle class and not so poor. 50 bucks for a hot girl in your nice hotel.
Outside the Cuba Libre hotel (old Hilton) in Havana of an evening girls ply their trade, some look very young.
“cockblock” ?? I know something about it. Respect for brevity because Cuba isn’t so normal place as you’re getting cockblocked by police.
I have been trying to market hotels in Cuba but realised doing business in Cuba is very hard work as the people don’t want to work to make money they prefer hand outs. I may as well change my business model . Any ideas?
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Short Time Prostitutes.
Prostitutes can be had for “shorttime”, which is typically for up to two hours plus round trip transit time to the local short time hotel. Alternatively, they can be taken for “longtime”, to sleep with you in your home or hotel, for a domestic vacation to the beach or ancient ruins, to a movie and dinner, etc.
Mainstream Thai girls are not available in a sex-for-money arrangement. I’ve sometimes heard guys say that in Thailand you can take girls off the street for a shorttime sex encounter. This practically never happens. The only place you’re going to get a shorttime girl is in a place with prostitutes. Outside of those places, you will get only negative (and usually harsh) reactions from a proposition. It is important that you know when you’re in a prostitution area and when you are outside it. Any lady smiling at you outside a prostitution area usually does not have sex on her mind at all, just like in any other country.
There are generally three kinds of places to pick up a prostitute:
(The above photo is from the 1990s, a legendary place in Soi Cowboy that was a landmark until the expat owner died and then it was replaced.)
The following is only a brief overview, for those who need a guide to orient them to the rules and customs so that you will be able to go practically anywhere and know what to do.
There are other websites which give you a lot more detailed information on which places are most popular, various experiences and recommendations. Some of these are listed at the end of this web page.
Go-go bars are beer bars with girls as fulltime employees. These places are defined by the following:
The girls are fulltime employees of the bar and work the same daily schedule If you take the girl outside of the bar, you must pay an established, non-negotiable “bar fine” to the bar (e.g., 500 baht), in addition to what you pay the girl You pay the girl separately for the sexual encounter, as you negotiate with the girl (e.g., 1-2000 baht, more or less) The girls are not required to go with any man who wants them, but can choose of their own free will whether to go with you Most go-go bars are the pole dancer variety, and the ladies take turns dancing in shifts, while fraternizing with customers during their breaks They usually wear a swimsuit or less, and nudity on stage is common, both top and bottom.
The girls are paid a small salary to work at the bar, equivalent to entry level factory work. In addition, they make some money on “lady drinks”, i.e., if you buy then a coke or orange juice, they get a small commission. If they go out for sex, they keep all of that money, except the bar fine which is usually kept in full by the establishment that employs them. Some such establishments have a quota on how many times a girl must be “bar fined” per month in order to remain employed and get her salary, e.g., 8 times.
Many of these bars have scheduled sex shows of various sorts. Male-female sex shows are quite rare, but “lesbian” shows are common (and obviously robotic acting without feeling). There are also other shows involving bananas, fire dances, and a lot of stuff I’d rather not describe here as it gets long.
They usually have no door as the entrance is instead a hanging curtain, and they are always air-conditioned. You walk in, find a place to sit down, and a waitress serves you whatever you want to drink. Beer is usually priced reasonably by western standards, between $2 and $4. There is no cover charge, and your drinks charge is all you owe them. However, if a lady sits down to you and orders a drink, just a coke or orange juice can be at the same price as an alcoholic drink, the so-called “lady drinks”. The girls take turns dancing on the stage for a few songs at a time and mixing with the men sitting down.
Go-go bars are usually found in a few entertainment complexes. In Bangkok, the farang oriented dancing go-go bars are found in:

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