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Unfortunately the Shiah had conveniently

Unfortunately the Shiah had conveniently forgotten the part where it was forbidden, and have fabricated many lies trying to justify this clear haram act. Insha-Allah firstly I will quote just some of the hadeeth clearly stating that this form of marriage is haram.
" Narrated ‘Ali (r.a): Allah’s Messenger forbade the temporary marriage in the year of khaibar. " " Narrated ‘Ali (r.a): At the battle of Khaibar, the Prophet forbade the temporary marriage (i.e Mu’ta) of women, and the eating of the flesh of domestic asses. " " Narrated Rabi bin Sabra on the Authority of his father: ‘Allah’s Messenger said: "I had permitted you the temporary marriage of women, but Allah has prohibited you from that till the day of Resurrection. So if anyone has a woman by temporary marriage he should let her go; and do not take back any of your gifts from them. "
Anyone with the right mind can see that temporary marriage is clearly forbidden, but again the shia have rejected all Hadeeth in this matter and still continue to follow their desires, even if it is zina (fornication, adultury etc.).
Insha-Allah one can not compare the above hadeeth with some fabricated lies from the Shia:
Aytollah Khomaini stated in his book "Tahir-u-Wasila, Vol 2, P.292" that Temporary marriage can be for one day, a night, and even just a few hours! but for khomaini that was not enough so he further states in the same book on page 292, that temporary marriage can be performed with harlots and prostitutes.
Now I will quote a fabricated shia lie with was attributed to Muhammad :
On page 356 in volume 1 of ‘Tafseer Minhajul Sadiqeen’ it is mentioned that Muhammad said: " One who performs Mu’ta (temporary marriage) one will attain the rank of Imam Husain; one who performs it twice will attain the rank of Imam Hasan; one who performs it thrice will attain the rank of Ameeral Mo’mineen (Ali r.a) and one who performs it four times will attain my rank. "
Subhanallah. is this the lowest the Shia can get. sleep with a prostitute and get instant Paradise. However for the shia this can never be enough. they have still worse to come.
Infact the amount of Shia references would be enough to fill a book on this subject.. as the shia indeed try at every step to justify this forbidden act.
In the Shia Book "Minhaj us Sadiqeen" in volume 1, it is written in clear words that the number of women that a person can be engaged with in temporary marriage at the same time in unlimited.
May Allah guide and protect us from this and all the other Shia filth that they try to enforce upon us.
Any good out of this, is from Allah. And any error in this is from myself and Shaytan.
Il business dell'amore.
nel paesino a luci rosse.
dal nostro inviato JENNER MELETTI.
Insomma, una "piena" di ragazze arrivate da Romania, Russia, Ungheria, Bulgaria, Moldava, dopo quella che – c'и una lapide sul municipio – il 14 novembre 1951 "devastт il Polesine con impeto senza precedenti". Il bello и che, in paese, tutti fanno finta di nulla. "I locali a luci rosse? Non faccio dichiarazioni", mette le mani avanti il sindaco, Gigliola Natali, a capo di una giunta di centro sinistra. "Ma perchй non parlate della nostra scuola di teatro, forse l'unica in tutto il Veneto? Perchй non scrivete che i 300 posti del teatro comunale sono sempre pieni, e che la stagione sarа chiusa da Arnoldo Foа?".Ё.
POV Viewers’ Favorite Documentaries About Women.
In response to Tom Roston’s Doc Soup column on the ten best documentaries about women, we’ve been collecting your recommendations on Facebook, Twitter and the blog.
Your suggestions confirm that, yes, there is a wealth of documentaries about women today and going back many years. We’ve compiled your list and categorized it to make it easier for you to discover new films.
Omissions? Disagreements? Share your omissions and disagreements in the comments!
Activism and Liberties.
Filmmaker: Pratibha Parmar.
In this film, Parmar celebrates the achievements of African-American women, featuring interviews with Angela Davis, June Jordan and Alice Walker. They triumph the roles that iconic women played in the civil rights and Black power movements, stating that they changed American society.
Filmmaker: Alice Elliott.
Chronicling the stories of two life-long friends, one of whom has Down syndrome and the other cerebral palsy, Body and Soul: Diana & Kathy works to break stereotypes about disability. Shot over five years, the documentary shows Diana as a capable personal assistant to Kathy who has become non-verbal due to her illness. The two are inspiring in their lobbying efforts for equal rights for those with disabilities.
Filmmaker: Antony Thomas.
For Neda tells the story of the woman whose death became the iconic image for the conflict in Iran after the 2009 elections. The film works to discover who Neda was and her rebellious desire for self-expression in an oppressive government regime.
Filmmaker: Barbara Kopple.
Documentary filmmaker Barbara Kopple takes a look at a 1973 miners’ strike that lasted more than a year and had periods of active violence. In addition to the miners becoming activists for their own cause, the women in their lives also took up the fight for the mine to recognize the legitimacy of the miners’ union.

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This is similar to fake expectations

This is similar to fake expectations, except instead of implicitly pressuring you to adhere to his expectations, the manipulator explicitly pressures you to adhere to what he presents as socially normal. If you took DARE, you might remember this as the hallmark of peer pressure–the “everyone is doing it” technique. Your manipulator will point out that the thing he wants you to do is so normal that literally everyone is doing it except for you. Of course you’ll feel inclined to join in because you don’t want to be ostracized or to feel weird, crazy, uncool, or left out. If you’re doing something he doesn’t want you to do, he’ll point out that no one is doing it except you. Regardless of what “everyone” (or “no one”) is actually doing, the intent here is to control your behavior.
With facts & figures, the manipulator again tries to make you feel like you’re doing something wrong, but instead of being socially wrong, you’re made to feel factually incorrect. She might use logic, quote experts or authority figures, and reference scientific studies. The purpose is for you to change your behavior to fit what the manipulator wants, but to think you’re changing it in order to be right or in line with science. Although this sounds like an official argument, it might not be presented that way. In fact, a manipulator could try to present the information as casually as possible so her manipulative intent is less noticeable, off-handedly remarking that she’s surprised to see you do x, y, or z given the results of latest study on the topic.
Fake help is–you guessed it–when a person pretends to try and help you, but really their “help” is just an attempt to control your behavior. The manipulator frames their argument as advice and suggests that it is in your own best interest. Maybe a jealous friend will “help” you by pointing out that your favorite jeans make you look fat and suggesting you change out of them, when in reality they make you look so good she feels threatened and doesn’t want you wearing them when she’s around.
Fake help becomes gaslighting when someone disingenuously “helps” you with some sort of psychological problem, either one you really have or one invented by them, with some motive other than helping. For example, when you question a cheating boyfriend, he might convince you that the real issue is your own deep insecurity and nobly offer to help you deal with it…in a way that keeps you from asking questions that would cause you to discover his cheating ways, of course.
A manipulator will change the subject in order to distract you any time you bring up something he doesn’t want to talk about, especially if it involves calling him out on a manipulation. A master manipulator will bring up a new subject that genuinely interests you–hot gossip or surprising news–so you get so drawn into the new topic it isn’t until much later you remember what you were trying to talk about originally. If he can’t think of anything interesting to bring up, he might falsely accuse you of wrong-doing in hopes that you’ll get caught up in defending yourself.
Changing the subject often goes hand-in-hand with fake expectations. The manipulator will slip in his fake expectation quickly and move on to a different topic before you can speak up and disagree. Now, not only do you have to contradict something he said in order to avoid manipulation, you have to bring up a subject that he’s pretending is already settled, agreed upon, and in the past. This puts more pressure on you to go along with what he wants in order to avoid awkwardness (if you don’t know him well) or a fight (if you do know him well).
The guilt trip can take many forms, but the bottom line is the person makes you feel bad about something you’ve done or are going to do (or haven’t done, or are not going to do) and because of the resulting guilt or shame, you say or do what the manipulator wants. Often times they will frame the guilt trip as a question so it is less obvious. A master manipulator will identify the things you are most likely to feel guilty about/ashamed of and focus on those.
“You seriously aren’t going to be at my birthday party?” “Is that your third cookie today?” “You’re going home with him? Didn’t you go home with someone else last week?”
Similar to the guilt trip, the insecurity trip is intended to make you feel bad so you will do (or not do) what the manipulator wants in order to feel less bad. The manipulator will make a casual comment intended to hurt your feelings while acting completely innocent and oblivious to the comment’s effect. His goal is to convey the insult in such a way that you do not realize it was intended as an insult, and you accept it as true. It will generally be directed at an area in which you already feel insecure. For example, if you are self-conscious about your weight, the manipulator might ask you if the jeans you’re wearing shrunk in the dryer. Of course, when you say they did not, the manipulator will pretend to be embarrassed about the mix-up and apologize profusely.

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Although a relatively new theory

Although a relatively new theory, academics and activists across the United States have employed Critical Race Theory (CRT) in legal, healthcare, education, criminal justice, and sports to examine the relationship between race, racism, and power. CRT is a specifically American theory based upon the socio-political history of the United States and mainly applied to study and change the policies that affect unequal treatments based upon race, especially in education and criminal justice issues. This thesis is a theoretical discussion on CRT, its history, implications, and the evolution of its scholarship; this theory also raises two questions about CRT: how can CRT be developed for use in a mediated context and how can it be developed for use in a Chinese context? This thesis employs the reality television program Go Oriental Angel and the story of Lou Jing as a case study to answer the two questions.
First, this thesis will briefly investigate the socio-political racial history in Europe and in the United States to explain how race was created and used to justify slavery and segregation, and the relationship between race and the global capitalistic system. It will then introduce CRT and delve into its history, concepts, and tenets, as well as the critiques, applications, and evolution of the theory. To better understand how China perceives race and what it means to be Chinese, this thesis will investigate the myth of the Yellow Emperor that helped China develop and proliferate the notion of the monocultural Han Chinese identity, and it will then briefly discuss the issues in the late nineteenth and twentieth centuries that shaped China’s Chinese identity. It also will examine contemporary China’s economic growth and how that growth has impacted the social and media environment of China particularly in the area of reality-based television programming. The show Go Oriental Angel and the treatment of its mixed-race contestant, Lou Jing by the show’s hosts and the Internet audience will be discussed. Based upon the literature review of CRT, China’s history, contemporary issues, and media environment, and utilizing Go Oriental Angel as a case study, this thesis will answer the questions of how CRT can be developed for use in a mediated context and how it can be developed for use in a Chinese context. Finally, this thesis will explore possible future studies of CRT that would accommodate a global perspective and a communication focus…
Read the entire dissertation here.
Comments Off on Developing critical race theory to study race and racism in China’s media: a case study of the chocolate girl’s bittersweet stardom on Go Oriental Angel.
The Eurasian in Shanghai.
The American Journal of Sociology.
Volume 41, Number 5 (March, 1936)
Although hybrid offspring tend to form an intermediary group of cultural contact between the native and the alien in societies where they are found, the Eurasian in Shanghai finds himself discriminated against by both parent-stocks. Since his father is often a poorly paid transient and his mother frequently is from the servant class, his biological inheritance is low grade and his opportunities for educational and social advantages few. The cultural blending of the white and the yellow races that has gone forward has not come through the Eurasian, but through the large number of the upper strata of natives who have visited and studied in foreign lands and have brought back varying degrees of that culture.
The Eurasian in Shanghai occupies an intermediate position biologically, and somewhat socially in so far as he is the subject of social discrimination at the hands of both alien and native groups. Over the mixed blood hovers the traditional stigma of illegitimacy. The ostracism is not absolute, there are no lynchings and no laws against mixture, but, granted this prejudice on the part of the two parent-groups, the hybrid offspring differ outstandingly. Not that they are biologic freaks, but the fact of being “half-caste” gives thejn a position in the social structure which interferes with their mobility and social contacts even in a so-called cosmopolitan society. For this reason this intermixture has important sociological consequences.
Each of the ethnic groups, the native and the alien in Shanghai, has tended to remain socially somewhat isolated from the other, though individuals have, through legal or illegal mating, produced a group of hybrid offspring of varying nationalities. This has come about chiefly through the taking of native women by alien men. The resulting mixed bloods have been subjected to estrangement and isolation. The British brought with them from India their prejudice against the half-caste, and the alien population has been strongly influenced by this point of view. On the whole, the Chinese disapprove of miscegenation and discriminate against the hybrid, especially if the latter has hybrid-racial visibility and follows the alien in belittling the native. This is one reason why the Eurasian…

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